Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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I'm going into the gate of a large force , should also be feeling a little bit ? We used to have a dream, a dream university . For this dream, we Decade hollister playlist 2014 january of sword , and now those days are still vivid unforgettable . In those days we gain a deeper understanding of the completion of a thing through their own efforts is how meaningful , despite wind and rain , we have gone through , and finally arrived at the beautiful university campuses. But the university is an end it? Is not. On the contrary, it is a starting point , a new starting point. Previous pain and grief can forget , in this starting point, perhaps confused, perhaps suddenly, or happy or sad . However, the time has never been stopped. As qing said, wash your hands , when the last day from the basin ; dinner, the day from their jobs in the past ; while silently , then pour begins before the eyes of the past, I noticed that it was in a hurry to go up ...... ah, time hurry , I know there is a long way to go in life , I should always carries a dream to chase a dream once had the momentum to dream again , chasing the dream of their own . We Were Young , young , pointing Jiangshan, Jiyangwenzi . Let the flower of life because of a dream born of color , so youthful brilliance by dreams .

I understand that four years, if not for some brilliant inspirational history,hollister playlist 2014 january history of struggle , growth history , it would mean a big life lament ? Inspirational and growth is an aesthetic pursuit university can explore to PubMed away long history of knowledge ; may also be keen to walk away a variety of corporate work practices struggle ; or simply for hobby , try to interest himself innocent and pursuit of growth happiness. Inspirational and growth will not be a blank check, but it will depend on what attitude to become powerful, become different, richer content. Into a passion , a jump, an emotion, a cry, a struggle and a perseverance, a tough attitude which will slowly immersed in attracting and growth among such inspirational , because it there will, there is faith, there is hope. Inspirational is created by a spirit of . So once people live , should live domineering . Control their own destiny by themselves . Four years of college , ambition off season, carries the dream and passion , hard work to the best time of life , I should struggle, under the premise of inspirational achieve brilliant purpose taught . I think I should learn from Paul 's "Iron spirit ," a conquering force that can control life , to accomplish brilliant. Gentleman to self-improvement ; terrain-kun , the gentleman to Virtuous . I can struggle to hollister playlist 2014 january save the knowledge , savings friendship ; struggle I can create impossible to write the story . Maybe while I did not cool the blood , I can look forward to a better tomorrow , but practice makes perfect , inspirational and growth but also rely on practice . University inspirational to which injected fresh blood to make it eat only a little . One day when I was standing a certain height , looking back , can not forget these inspirational stories and growth occurred in the green campus are heavy silt as a dignified , beautiful, timeless treasures, never fade away forever cherish.

Growth , not budget , no one can grow in deep sleep . So there will not be a miracle , so that their painful journey to sleep, and woke up in the flowers , and then found that he had to reach for happiness . Growing up , they want to give up everything to be gone , the pursuit may have,hollister playlist 2014 january after all , grow up always tomorrow. Do not let yourself become blank college life , do not let your left remorse when looking back , do not give up on the starting point , four, five for me , is still unknown , the Market down time , I would like to remain there I struggled shadow, set foot on this road of no return , we must move forward. Which does not have a successful mixed sweat , no single victory is not mixed with tears. Road , on my feet , I would like to harbor dreams , out of his own wonderful life.

My dear friend , forgive us for not always linked. I was thinking hollister playlist 2014 january of you , just as in Classmates wrote . We can not always go in times of difficulties remember the past , but should do is to face and solve . Good to do it, I will be here to get world of their own , just as you will get broader than my world! Let's not waste time, do not waste feelings make some parting words, I believe the future will be better . For me tomorrow is a busy day. Perhaps in many cases the clouds occupy the entire sky , but the sun and the rainbow is still the master of this world , rational, calm do yourself, smart, aggressive face of the world ......

Life is a river flowing to keep forever . As long as harbor dreams hollister playlist 2014 january, do take the foot of the road, I believe will eventually win.

My university , I'm not looking for a drop of hope.